The twenty-first lesson(英語の寸評)

Words to Miyo

Resistance is Useless

Before starting on the main topic today (a continuation of the use of could and the stories of two very talented young people), we discussed a sticking point in your learning style.
When confronted with something hard to understand, you sometimes spend a lot of time and effort resisting it, fighting against it instead of trying to figure it out.
The problem is, it’s a waste of energy. if you took all the effort you’re putting into complaining “It’s difficult, I can’t” and so on, and instead put that same effort into trying to learn, your English ability would improve very fast!

Meanwhile, back on topic: we learned about the stories of Christopher Paolini, who wrote a bestselling fantasy novel when he was 15, and Joss Stone, who had a hit album when she was only 16!

I guess the moral of the story is: if you try hard enough, you can do it!