The twenty-second lesson(英語の寸評)

Words to Miyo

Can I Speak to Jo, Please?

After reviewing the sound-alike words from last time, we practiced expressions to use on the telephone.
Remember–on the telephone, because we can’t see the expressions on each other’s faces, intonation is especially important for clear communication!
Also, we previewed the lesson from next time, starting a new chapter in the book: telling people’s life stories, with present and past tenses.

Words to Mutsuko

More Travel Talk

Today we talked about dream vacations and travel experiences, continuing with Headway 4.
We talked about things people would like to do, and listened to some stories from people who really had some amazing travel experiences. Then we practiced using idiomatic phrases with the verbs make and do.
The book calls these “hot verbs” because they are used so often in such a wide range of set phrases.
There are other verbs like this, too–have is also an important one!