The 24th lesson(英語の寸評)

Words to Miyo

The Year I was Born

After answering some questions, and explaining hardly ever (it means “almost never”), we continued learning about how to use the Simple Past to tell the story of someone’s life.
James was born in 1989–a lot of things happened that year! What happened in the year that you were born?

Words to Mutsuko

Make it Up

We continued learning about idiomatic phrases with do and make, moving on to phrasal verbs.
Remember, “make up” can actually have two or three different meanings:

  1. Don’t believe his story, he made it all up. (Invent something that’s not true or not real)
  2. I did a terrible thing. Is there any way I can make up for it? (Do something to show you’re sorry)
  3. The “cosmetics” meaning of makeup is usually used as a noun: She put on her makeup and got ready to go out.
    The one that we spent time on this lesson was #1!