The eighth lesson(英語の寸評)



Words to Miyo

Asking about People

We’ve been gradually moving away from the basic you and I questions these past few weeks, practicing the use of S with he and she, etc.

Now you can talk about other people! Is she married? How many children does he have? Where does she work?

You did well with the error-correction practice. Good work!


Words to Mutsuko

Fictional Characters and Real-World Problems

We continued with Kokoro.

We seem to be starting to delve into Sensei’s past a bit: who is buried in Zoshigaya? Is he or she connected to his seemingly standoffish behavior? Then we discussed pollution and recycling, using a conversation-topics text called Talk Your Head Off.

It was quite a jump from Victorian literature to modern-day problems, but you show a good ability to discuss both.

You always show a very good understanding of difficult vocabulary (such as unapproachable, irresistible, intuitive).