The fifteenth lesson(英語の寸評)

Words to Miyo

Welcome to the White House

I’m sorry for my confusion about the shoe sizes.
I didn’t realize that most people aren’t really wearing the right size! once you explained it simply, it was a good lesson for me.
Then, continuing with Headway 1, we learned about the White House and its rooms (there are 35 bathrooms!, Wow!)–just in time for a Presidential election year.


Words to Mutsuko

More Travels, Distant Seas

Continuing with the foreword to your photobook, we learned more about the early days of California surfing–when it was one of the limited joys available to the young photographer during the Depression.
He learned to “appreciate what he had”!
We also continued exploring the wild and wonderful world of English vocabulary, with evocative adjectives like ominous and seductive.
Then we went on to talk about the founders of Lonely Planet, and their long experience of travel writing.
Travel–like the sea–can be seductive, can’t it?