The seventeenth lesson(英語の寸評)

Words to Miyo

Tell Me the Way

When you explain the directions, it’s important to give practical and useful information.
“It’s near the station” might be a perfectly correct sentence, but it doesn’t really help.
Near the station in which direction?
Which road should I take?
“It’s 2-cho-me” is not very useful unless the person already knows where “2-cho-me” is–and even then, it’s still better to say which way they should go.


Words to Mutsuko

Paradise Lost

Continuing with the foreword to out photo book, we met some more interesting vocabulary (such as Runyonesque and sensationalistic), and learned about some of the hard tasks lifeguards had in those days: not just protecting surfers and swimmers, but preventing potential suicides!
We also began reading an article in Headway 4 about idyllic places being gradually destroyed by tourism: “Paradise Lost”, as the tourist industry “destroys the object of its affections”.
I wonder if any of the beaches we see in the photo book have succumbed to this?