The fifth lesson(英語の寸評)


いやなのは、あの sticky(にちゃにちゃ、ねばねば)な食感!

Words to Miyo

Adjectives Add Color to the Picture

Today we practiced using descriptive adjectives to make our descriptions more lively, adding “color” to the picture we paint with words.

New York is big and exciting but expensive to live in… good work!

You made a little mistake at first when we talked about moving: it’s best to say something like “I moved many places since then” (don’t use anywhere).


Words to Mutsuko

Lonely Sensei’s Only Friend

We had an interesting discussion today about the role of the “Westerner” who appears with Sensei in Kokoro, and about the introduction of Western individualism to Japan in the Meiji period, along with how individualism is symbolically connected to the characters’ loneliness.

Our Kokoro discussions seem to blend well with the stories of lonely expats from Headway 4.

I continue to be impressed by your excellent vocabulary–you had no problem today with such idiomatic word as blurted, eccentric, and so on.